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Now, We Re-Emerge

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

In the beginning of 2020, every human life on planet earth changed. As we made the choice to lock-down and shelter in place, dreams and futures seemed to grind to a halt. Our major cities fell quiet. The streets were emptied. Businesses closed their doors, some permanently. And us? We hid in our homes and waited. Now, we re-emerge. Now, it’s time to make a choice. Are you going to go back to the life that you had before?

I’ve heard from many people, often with a twinge of shame or guilt, that the pandemic is one of the best things that’s happened to them, personally. They were forced to stop and find meaning in more than just the pursuit of income and distraction from pain and boredom. When everything fell into uncertainty, the core of their humanity was all that remained. And the answer to what this life means to them was profoundly clear.

You may be thinking now about what changed in your life, and the lives of your loved ones. Many of us suddenly ended long-running, deep and meaningful romantic relationships. The prolonged proximity to our partners tested our connections. And we found, through new experience, that the relationship was no longer the right thing. Maybe it hadn’t been the right thing for a long time. Just as many of us found love in a way we’d never felt before and our lives shifted profoundly to accommodate it. We traveled and moved and took risks we would have never taken before to make sure that we could be with the right people. Even when those people were just ourselves for a while.

Maybe your love life was unaffected. You could be one of the millions of people who left or lost jobs or careers that had previously defined them. You realized that there was no time to waste in chasing your dreams and aspirations. Life is short and uncertain. We get a limited number of endeavors. We’ll have to choose between many things that we’re good at and that we like, in order to create the time needed to be great at something and to love it.

More than half of all Americans ages 18-35, moved back home. Even people outside of those age ranges relocated at historic rates. Travel restrictions and immigration policies forced people into entire new nations of residence. Friends and family passed away. Leaving holes in our hearts and in our communities we stepped up to fill.

As we emerge again, we’re choosing new paths. It’s become apparent that returning to normal is simply impossible. To even attempt it would be futile. And as we embark on these new paths we’re making the choice, this time, to not go it alone.

I started as a wellness and creativity coach in 2020 because I saw a mental-health crisis among my fellow humans. I knew that they needed support and care, and I knew that I could provide it. I have been working and studying to deepen my knowledge and understanding of our hearts, minds and spirits so that I can be of better service to my clients and community now for years. Don’t delay your personal development any longer, contact me for a free first meeting today and let’s see if we make a great match.

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