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My Weird Pricing Structure :)

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Let’s not beat around the bush.

Hiring a coach costs money. And many of us feel as though we don’t have enough money already. We were taught to not talk about money, too, which makes it feel weird when it’s necessary. As a matter of fact we have a whole lot of hang-ups just like this one that we’re constantly recognizing but are unable to move past on our own. If only we had a support professional, like a life coach, that would help us to process and overcome these obstacles. Maybe they could provide a confidential space for us to work through our thoughts, habits, relationships and goals. And because we took the time and energy to work through it all, we could get out of our own way and start a new beautiful chapter of our lives free of the burden of these hang-ups. Then we could build a healthier relationship with money, where we don’t always feel like we’re too broke to live the story that we want for ourselves. I’m gonna just be straight-forward with you, because I hope that’s how you would be with me:

YOU CAN AFFORD TO HAVE A LIFE COACH. There, I said it. You can afford me.

During our free consultation we’ll talk about money. Like, really talk about money. It’s a good topic because it will teach us how we communicate about difficult subjects. And I’m going to ask you, “How much can you afford to spend each month on a life coach?” Because it’s more important that you do this work consistently than if you can afford my sticker price. Yes, I have a sticker price. I have a per-session rate and discounts for purchasing multiple-session packages. But I also have a heart and a mind. And neither of those would let me deny you my service because you can’t afford the price tag right now. I customize the coaching experience for every single one of my clients. The frequency, curriculum, communication and yes, even the price, is built specifically with their sustained growth and prosperity in mind.

Some of my people can afford to pay more than others, so they do. That’s fair in my book, and in my heart. And they get to pick their number before committing to working with me. And sometimes they enter periods of prosperity and can pay a little more than they used to. Sometimes they have hardship and they need to pay a little less. But they keep showing up and doing the work. That’s the most important thing with growth, consistency. And together we can make your life deeper and more fulfilling. You can feel heard and seen. You can have a space just for you to express and develop yourself.

And to me? That’s worth every second and every penny.

My sticker price:

Single coaching session $80

Four pack of sessions $300 (save $20)

Eight pack of sessions $580 (save $60)

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