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Too much to do? Feeling overwhelmed? Let me help.

I often fantasize about a simple life. It's become a running joke in my home. When I'm feeling overwhelmed by the news or the nature of the world, my to-do list and relationships, or I'm feeling like I have too many tasks and I don't even know where to start, I've made a habit of saying out loud: "the woods..."

The idea that I could wake to the sound of birds chirping and wind rushing through the trees instead of a digital alarm is so alluring. I could walk, run and climb my way through the forest for exploration. I could gather and treat water, food and fuel for my home. I could play my guitar by a fire under a sky full of stars.

But why does this feel so ideal and calming to me? If you think about it, that life would be incredibly difficult. It would be peaceful, yes, but also lonely. It would be physically taxing, and I'm not getting any younger. If I were to be injured I might be hours from a hospital. Would I even have the internet or electricity? Could I live without going to the theater? Somehow, even with the risks, it feels more right to me.

Why? It took me a lot of inward exploration and growth to figure out this answer. And it turns out this concept comes up throughout my studies: It's about meaning and purpose.

It turns out, I have the time, resources and knowledge that I need to accomplish my entire to-do list. I can do it all no matter what's in the news. And I have the capacity for many loving, deep relationships during all of this. What I struggle with is, well, task organization for one but that's another blog post. The one thing that seems so totally clear in the woods that doesn't always present itself in my life is need.

The task of going to fill a reservoir with fresh water for the house is so necessary. It's clear why I'm taking every single step. What true purpose!

On the other hand, it's harder to see how working a job just to make money, or even doing yoga and meditating regularly are actually necessary. And because of this I have an angsty resistance to these tasks. I don't want to wash my floors or renew my driver's license. It's not that I only want to do fun and easy things. I just want to know deep down that I'm doing something that leads directly to prosperity, both for myself and others. Something that is needed. I need for my actions and my whole self to be needed.

This takes mindfulness. It's why having a personal coach works. You have a regular place and time that is all about working through your life and identifying what you need to be doing, what you want to be doing and what you can stop doing because it doesn't help you. You can express your feelings in a safe and private space without having to burden friends or family or, worse, be alone. You can finally set up clear short, medium and long term goals for yourself. And you have help and accountability when it's time to embrace the habits that you'll need to reach your goals.

I hope this helps you see why hiring a coach is something that I truly believe everybody needs to do. My door is open. Schedule a consultation today?

Good health,


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