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Where Do We Begin?

We're starting with the often-overlooked fundamentals:

Sleeping, Eating, Exercising, Serving, Socializing, Exploring.

These are the foundations of everything we are, at least in my book. Building mindfulness about these aspects of our existence is paramount to prosperity.

We're such cerebral animals. Maybe too cerebral. Especially those of us in WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic) cultures. And no matter how well we're nurtured, we're raised amidst the ethic of autonomy. Through our education and upbringing, we're wired for a solo journey through life, leading head-first. And many of us, perhaps yourself included, have picked up on some of the universally human truths that fall by the wayside during this programming: our hearts, spirits and communities.

We are connected to the energy at the center of all things. And we can feel it. Human beings have tried every sort of language from math and music to language and dance to express the truth that we feel resting powerfully beyond our capabilities of explanation. And though we always fall just short of the expression, the shared experience is real.

Our proclivity to grasp at what's just out of our reach is a powerful evolutionary advantage that can also turn into a pretty twisted psychological experience as life proceeds. Grounding ourselves in beneficial habits that align with our fundamental values and serve our life goals is an invaluable practice. And it's what I venture to offer you as my client.

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